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2018 Colors (This page is for viewing colors only)

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2018 Colors

(Left) Color Swatches to the left are arranged with Top 12 Colors first then remaining colors by Alphabetical listing.

(Below) Color list is completely arranged by alphabetical listing.

Beige - Bradstreet Beige (Taupe)
Beige - Crisp Khaki
Beige - Shaker Beige (Fieldstone)
Beige - Sparkling Wine (Champagne)
Black - Black
Blue - Ashby Blue
Blue - Caribbean Blue Water (Peacock Blue)
Blue - Dark Royal Blue
Blue - Galaxy (Indigo Blue)
Blue - Jamestown Blue
Blue - Mozart Blue
Blue - Old Navy (Navy)
Blue - Province Blue (Wedgewood)*
Blue - Tropicana Cabana (Tiffany Blue)
Brown - Brentwood (Cedar)
Brown - Chocolate Sundae
Brown - Kingsport Gray (Weathered Wood)
Brown - Middlebury Brown (Pecan Brown)
Gold - Westminster Gold
Gray - Charcoal Slate (Charcoal Slate Gray)
Gray - Gibraltar Cliffs (Cape Cod Gray)
Gray - Metro Gray
Gray - Rock Gray
Green - Backwoods (Hunter Green)
Green - Cool Mint
Green - Mint Julep
Green - Seedling
Green - Soft Mint
Green - Tarrytown Green ( Shaded Spruce)
Magenta - Twilight Magenta
Orange - Citrus Orange
Peach - Perfect Peach
Pink - Coral Gables
Pink - Deco Rose (Cherry Soda)
Pink - Elephant Pink
Pink - Engagement (Engagement Pink)
Pink - Hot Lips
Pink - Pink Ribbon
Purple - Amethyst Sky (Amethyst)
Purple - Hydrangea
Purple - Lily Lavender
Purple - Seduction (Purple Seduction)
Purple - Vintage Wine (Plum)
Red - Brick Red (Jamestown Red)
Red - Classic Burgundy
Red - Geranium
Red - Million Dollar Red
White - White Opulence (Standard White)
 Yellow - Cambridge Heights (Sunray Yellow)